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Hi, My Name is Josh.

Growing up in Washington, I always cherished the beauty of Ellensburg.  After countless summers and with family here in the valley, my wife Ines and I moved here 8 years ago.  Ellensburg is a city we love dearly and were we are raising out 10 month old son Noah, along with our dog Archie and our cat Scar. I filed to run for Ellensburg City Council Position 4 because I want to help ensure that my child and all the citizens to Ellensburg reside in a safe community with abundant opportunities.

Coming out of a pandemic we must focus on issues that have a positive impact for all citizens. I believe that the following issues impact most if not all of us.

  • Setting the conditions for small businesses to flourish, which will drive economic recovery and growth.

  • Make inroads increasing access to attainable housing to keep citizens of Ellensburg from being priced out of their own city.

  • Ensure that we continue to live in a community that is safe and welcoming to all.


I will work tirelessly to improve this city for as many people as possible.  I am running help ensure good governance and transparency. If you have an issue that concerns you, please reach out to me at

Click Here to Read Councilmember Rich Elliott's Endorsement of My Campaign

My Background

In 2006 I graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a degree in Business Economics. For the last 12 years I have have worked in a variety of roles first for Audienz, then for The Channel Company after Audienz was purchased.  In this capacity I have consulted extensively on technology, business, and marketing initiatives for Microsoft and Amazon in addition to numerous smaller companies.  My role as a consultant has allowed me to develop an ability to grasp complex issues quickly, to be resourceful, and decisive.

Highlights of my career include extensive international travel, leading a research project for Microsoft Research, and conducting due diligence of potential vendors for Microsoft.  For Amazon, my largest engagement was assisting in the design, development, and implementation of a platform to process co-marketing dollars for Amazon partners. This experience will be an asset to the city if I am elected.

My wife, Ines, and I are also co-owners of Thompson Rental Properties.  Aside from work my wife and I are blessed to be raising our infant son, Noah. In our spare time we like to travel to Major League ballparks and spend time with our extended family.

I look forward to earning your vote.



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